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Yes, We work with Members of ACA, ARM, ACCA, NARCA, DCAA, NACM and Many Others!

The Problem
The Solution
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" Real-Time Lookups are the ONLY WAY we can comply with the latest TCPA Rulings to ensure that we are auto-dialing the correct number.  One of our partner companies was recently sued due to this exact reason.   You are the only company that provides REAL-TIME reverse phone lookups with Name Matching for 99.9% accuracy so we can be absolutely sure of who we are calling. We are compliant again!"

HCP Recovery,
Dallas, TX

Every Wrong Auto-Dial could Expose you to a $500.00 fine!

New Service Now Available!
Monitor your Phone Number lists for Subscriber Name Changes!
Every Wrong Auto-Dial could Expose you to a $500.00 fine!


Recent Court Rulings Require that Companies that Use an Auto-Dialer
MUST Verify the Called Party Name PRIOR to Placing a Call!

 MindWav, LLC is the Only Provider that returns 99.9% Accurate Reverse Phone Lookups! 
Yes, ALL Phones - Cell, VoIP (Voice over IP), Land, Business
All 99.9% Accurate, 75% Hit Rate for Names, No False Positives!

14 Multi-Million Dollar Class Action TCPA Auto-Dialer
Lawsuits have Already Been Filed in 2012!

Read the Legal Opinion Here (PDF)....

Get Real-Time 99.9% Accurate Subscriber Name Info for Any Phone Line!

The Problem:

  • Industry Research has shown that most companies that Auto-Dial are dialing Outdated numbers.
  • Even with Prior Express Consent, it is the Auto-Dialing Company's responsibility to ensure that every number being dialed has not been reassigned to someone else.
  • 1.5 Million phone lines are connected/disconnected every day.
  • How Current are your Auto-Dialer lists?
  • Are you exposing your business to Class-Action Law Suits?  See Soppet v. Enhanced Recovery, LLC.
  • If you Auto-Dial the wrong person, you could be liable for statutory damages of $500 to $1,500 PER CALL!

The Solution:

  • Federal Judges have ruled that All Auto-Dialers should use a Reverse Phone Lookup to verify the numbers they are calling.  But not just "Any" reverse phone lookup.  Most reverse phone lookup services have VERY outdated data especially for cell phones.
  • Now, you can have 99.9% accuracy of subscriber name for all Auto-Dialed numbers!  Verify "Prior Express Consent Called Party"
  • Use MindWav, LLC's Exclusive Services to verify your calls with 99.9% accuracy!
  • See the Full TCPA Compliance Legal Issues Here...

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